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You Asked, We Answered

  • Do I have to replace the my payment processor or the Shopify checkout?
    ReConvert works with all payment gateways and use the Shopify native "Thank You Page". You DON'T need to replace the checkout or your payment processor.
  • How can I see my actual thank you page?
    In order to see an actual thank you page in action, you simply need to go inside one of your orders, click the “More actions” menu at the top left of the order page, and click “View order status page”. This will open the thank you page for that order.
  • Can the app work together with Zipify OCU, Carthook or Bold Cashier?"
    When replacing the Shopify checkout, each of these external service uses his own thank you page and we have no access to these thank you pages. However, if you use these alternative checkouts only for some orders, the ones that'll go through the Shopify checkout will still get upselled by ReConvert
  • How does the pricing works?
    The app pricing is according to the number of orders you get in your stores in general (not only orders that were generated by ReConvert) Example: You had 480 orders this month and 15 of them were generated from ReConvert, you'll be charged according to the 480 orders - $19.99. ReConvert is free for the first 30 days of use and free forever if you have less than 50 orders/month. We built it in a way that makes sure the ROI on the app is always positive, most stores have an ROI of 400-2000% on ReConvert. & usually, the bigger you are, the better ROI you'll get. For the full pricing table >>
  • Why can’t I see the birthday subscription widget on my thank you page?
    First, make sure that the published template has a birthday subscription widget in it and that it’s not hidden (eye icon = visible. Crossed eye icon = hidden). The birthday subscription widg et will only collect one birthday per customer. Once collected, the widget will be hidden on the thank you page for the that customer, whatever he visits the thank you page again or places a new order. This way we can push him to take other actions instead of getting information we already have. This will result in better experience for your customers and better results for you. If the widget in enabled and not hidden in your live thank you page template but still does not appear, it probably means that the customer already submitted his birthday before. If you want to check if a customer already has a birthday attached to him, you can search for the customer in shopify and see if he has a note attached to him with his birthdate.
  • I’m loading the thank you page and the pop up won’t show up, what’s the problem?"
    First of all, make sure that the published template has the pop up widget enabled in it. If it’s set up then you’re good to go. We’ve designed this feature so it’ll only appear once per order to present a true - special offer. We don’t want customers to visit the thank you page multiple times and get the same “special” offer again, this will not only spam and upset them, but also decrease their trust in you for not keeping your word by offering this “one time offer” again. If you still want to check that this widget works, just to make sure, you can place a test order on your store and see if it appears in the thank you page.
  • How exactly do the charges for the app works?
    The app is completely free if you have less than 50 orders per month. Upon installing the app you get a 30 days free trial. Once this trial ends, we’ll start counting the number of orders placed in your store monthly, and at the end of the month you’ll be charged in accordance to that number.
  • What is the difference between orders and sessions?
    Well, orders are orders on Shopify, pretty straight forward. Sessions are counted every time a customer visits the thank you page. Example: A customer completed a purchase and got to the thank you page, a day later he goes back to the thank you page to check on his order, and 2 days later he goes back to the thank you page again, to view the tracking information. Orders: 1 Sessions: 3 The reason we’re counting the sessions is so you can get better insights. How many times customers are visiting your thank you page per order? The more they do, the more important it is for you to optimize that page for conversions. Please note that these sessions do not impact in any way our billing for the app, they are simply meant to give you more data to learn from.
  • Will I be billed if the app is installed but not active?
    Yes, as long as the app is installed, the trial period has ended and you get more than 50 orders a month, you will be billed for the app - so make sure you take advantage of it!
  • When uninstalling the app, will you keep any information about my store?"
    No, unfortunately, we can only keep your information for an extra 48 hours after you uninstall in order for us to be compliant with the GDPR.
  • How many thank you page templates can I create?
    You can currently only have one published thank you page template- the one that is active and your customers see- but in the future you will be able to have a few published templates at the same time, based on triggers. You can view and edit your published template under the “Current template” on the dashboard. ​​ And you can view the rest of your templates, edit, delete and publish them, at the “More templates” section of the dashboard.
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