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🔥BFCM Shopify App Deals🔥

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

We've reached the time of the year we all wait for year-round- holidays, family time, pumpkin-spiced everything, and most importantly- Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Oh yeah, I know what you're all really excited about- sales! But while every store out there offers it's customers CRAZY discounts, they are not the only ones who deserve a good deal on the holiday season.

We worked hard to collect a list of amazing deals and opportunities for Shopify apps and services, especially for you, for BFCM!

Want your app or service to be on the list?

If you're an app developer and want to join our BFCM deals page and offer your service to Shopify merchants just fill up this form and we'll do our best to add it as soon as we can.

So let's not waste any time and get right into the good stuff:

1. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert is a page builder for your thank you page- allowing you to not only create a beautiful, branded thank you page, but also upsell post-purchase and increase your AOV on autopilot.

Getting new customers is great, but a good eCommerce store knows how to turn as many customers as possible to repeat ones.

With the app, you can also collect customers' birthdays, product post-purchase surveys, display videos, add a tracking widget to the order status page and more.

  • Trusted by over 8,000 Shopify stores including +400 Shopify Plus stores

  • Average 1,000%-8,000% ROI

  • 5/5 on the app store with over 500 reviews

  • 24\7 live support via chat, phone & email

  • Advanced analytics and integrations

Offer: Super extended 90-days free trial for new stores (instead of 30)

Link: ReConvert post purchase upsell

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

2. Order Merger

Order Merger, as the name implies, allows you to automatically or manually merge orders based on conditions of your choosing. Merging orders help you reduce shipping costs and improve your customers' experience.

Offer: Lifetime 80% OFF monthly subscription (not including usage fees)

Link: Order Merger

Discount code: Contact the app's live chat with: I <3 BFCM

3. Rise.ai

With Rise.ai, Shopify's first proactive Store Credit & Loyalty Program, you’ll harness the power of Gift Cards to increase revenue & loyalty and to drive new customers to your store.

Offer: Lifetime 10% OFF monthly plan & 28% OFF yearly plan (for small business and up plans)

Link: Rise.ai

Discount code: FASTLANE2RISE

4. Loox

Showcase product reviews from happy customers in beautiful galleries of photo reviews & social proof reviews popups and build strong trust. Join many Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants that use Loox to easily collect beautiful reviews with photos and boost conversion with social proof that looks great!

Loox helps 50,000+ Shopify merchants collect product reviews with photos and use them to increase sales and strengthen their brand.

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF for Advanced plan and up

Link: Loox

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

5. WooHoo

Boost your email subscribers with WooHoo discount and gamification popups. Use WooHoo's native spin the wheel popup games, which help you drive more sales using exit intent gamified solutions and rewards winning popups.

Offer: Extended trial of 30-day instead 7-day

Link: WooHoo

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

6. Poptin

Create beautiful pop-ups, opt-ins, and embedded forms in less than 2 minutes. Use advanced targeting triggers and convert more visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales. Recover & upsell abandoning visitors using exit intent technology.

Offer: 30% off for 3 months on all monthly plans

Link: Poptin

Discount code: POPTINBF19

7. SMSBump

SMSBump is Shopify's most loved SMS marketing and automations app. 800+ Shopify Plus clients, 6000+ Shopify Advanced and more than 20000 SMEs use SMSBump to fully automate all notification and marketing processes in their stores.

Fully TCPA and GDPR compliant. Create SMS /MMS(Text with image) marketing campaigns in seconds and track results. SMSBump offers full integration with ReConvert where you can collect customers' birthdays and later on trigger an automated special offer SMS.

Offer: 30 days free trial on all plans (compared to 0)

Link: SMSBump

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

8. PushOwl

PushOwl is an all in one system to manage web push subscribers for your Shopify stores: collect new users with beautiful pop-ups, Set up powerfull automation and run blast promotions with advanced segmentations & accurate analytics.

PushOwl is also integrated with other apps like Loox, SMSBump Recart and much more.

Offer: Lifetime 20% off and a 60 days extended trial

Link: PushOwl

Discount code: RECONVERTPUSH

9. ProveSource

ProveSource is a social proof marketing platform that highlights your recent sales, signups and positive reviews as they happen, turning your website into a busy and interesting place that triggers buyer action, just like booking.com does.

Offer: Lifetime 20% off on all monthly plans

Link: ProveSource

Discount code: FASTLANE

10. Growave

Growave is all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users and increase conversions with ease.

You get all tools for reaching, engaging and converting your customers like Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Reviews, Q&A, Comments, and Social login for a great price. Growave lets your brand go viral by encouraging users to share your brand on social media and email, build strong customer relationships using your loyalty program, comments, and Wishlist, and increase conversion through customer reviews and user-generated content. ​

All the features that you need are under one dashboard and integrations are very easy. The app is simple to set up, customize, and makes a transition seamlessly.

Offer: Pay for 1 month of Growth plan and get 6 months for FREE *not available for Enterprise plan

*not applicable for current Growave users

Link: Growave

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

11. Order Delivery Date

Order Delivery Date allows your customers to choose the order delivery date & time resulting in better conversion rate and much better customer experience.

Order delivery date might reduce cart abandonment by up to 50%!

Make package pickup experience comfortable and easy for your customers by letting them schedule specific gift deliveries. Plan for delivery rush times and group packages together. delivery dates let you identify when your customers are buying specific items, and remarket accordingly.

Offer: Extended 60 days trial (instead of 7)

Link: Order Delivery Date

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

12. SixAds

SixAds is an app that helps you solve one of the biggest problems most Shopify store owners face – how to get more traffic. With SixAds you can generate traffic from other Shopify stores. The traffic is hot - those users are ready to buy!

Offer: 50% off all monthly subscription plans. Valid until 2019-12-02

Link: SixAds

Discount code: Use code Sixads50off when selecting any of the boosted monthly ads

13. Product Inventory Information

Get the most out of your Shopify multi-location setup, by displaying inventory information per location to your customers. Get more traffic to your physical stores by displaying stock information and get more nearby sales!

Offer: Extended 90 days FREE trial

Link: Product inventory information

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

14. Swave

Use user-generated content like it's 2020! Swave is a new and innovative way to turn your customers into ambassadors on Instagram, collect beautiful photo reviews and display them as Instagram stories in your store.

Offer: 50% OFF on pro plan

Link: Swave

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

15. Under Construction Coming Soon

For the beginners among you, Under construction is a powerful page builder app with the drag-and-drop interface with advanced customization options.

This is a great opportunity for you to let your customers know when you're launching your store and build up the excitement.

Offer: Extended 60 days free trial (instead of 3)

Link: Under Construction Coming Soon

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

16. Flits

A system for delivering multiple features to customers via a centralized customer dashboard. It will help you to generate word-of-mouth advertising through customer satisfaction and save subsequent marketing costs.

Flits is the one-stop solution you have always dreamt of. Customer loyalty packed with customer retention. Built to perfection, keep your customers happy through flits!

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF

Link: Flits

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

17. Octovid Video Ads App

Create product video ads that sell. Make your promotional product video in just minutes thanks to our easy-to-use Shopify app. Black Friday is near so grab some free credits and make your videos ads quick!

Offer: 5 more FREE credits to export videos made with the (there are some 10x free credit codes left for those who get in first)

Link: Talk to our Facebook chatbot to get your free credits

Discount code: Talk to the Facebook chatbot in the link

18. Segments

Increase repeat purchase and CLV by uncovering opportunities with automated segmentation.

Segments Analytics gives the modern brand immediate access to enterprise-grade analytics and insights. Savvy merchants know that generic metrics and email blasts are no longer sufficient in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. Created by former data scientists from Linkedin, Segments helps brands uncover hidden insights and take action to grow their business.

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF

Link: Segments

Discount code: Answer Stiyo BFCM during onboarding “how did you find us” question

19. FindShop Reviews

Collect, display and share customer reviews on auto-pilot. Highlight reviews with pictures on product pages and boost conversions by 30%.

Automatically share reviews on social media and drive more traffic. Build strong social proof and improve user engagement.

Offer: FREE lifetime premium subscription for the first 100 installs

Link: FindShop Reviews

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

20. Advance Reorder ‑ Repeat Order

Advanced reorder making it super easy for customers to order again and improve your retention rates. You can let customers reorder previous orders through the account page or the order status page.

Built-in with advanced customization capabilities and advanced analytics, you can't go wrong with this app.

Offer: Extended 60 days free trial (instead of 7)

Link: Advance Reorder ‑ Repeat Order

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

21. RevTap

RevTap turns all your store and marketing data into Shopify business intelligence. With power-packed analytics and actionable, fuel your marketing strategies with data to increase Shopify sales in no time. Grab this limited time offer now and save more huge this holiday season!

Offer: 50% OFF all plans

Link: RevTap

Discount code: Select a plan on the link

22. Typito

Typito is a super simple, drag-and-drop video editor which allows you to create engaging videos with beautiful text, motion graphics, video clips, and images. It is like Canva but for videos! You can use Typito on your own, with no prior video editing skills required.

Offer: 50% OFF on annual plans

Link: Typito

Discount code: Send an email to hello@typito.com

23. Flashchat

Flashchat's growth tools along with Privy Integration enable your store to build a list of Messenger Subscribers fast & easy (GDPR compliant).

With Flashchat you can also send Instant Messenger Campaigns & Broadcast to engage with your audience and promote your products further at no extra cost.

Offer: 20% OFF all monthly plans

Link: Flashchat

Discount code: Send info@flashchat the coupon: reconvert20

24. Back In Stock

Back In Stock allows shoppers to sign up for alerts on when their favorite products are restocked. Shoppers can easily subscribe to these alerts via email, SMS or even Facebook Messenger.

You can set up automated alerts with Back In Stock, in minutes and start re-engaging lost customers to turn them into successful sales. As soon as the product is restocked on your store!

Offer: 30% OFF all annual plans

Link: Back in Stock

Discount code: Send an email to bfcm_offer@appikon.com

25. URL Short Link Generator

This cool tool lets you shorten your store's URL's to help your marketing efforts on social media, using the top services in the market like Bit.ly and tiny URL. You also get some analytics about traffic coming through those links.

  • Shorten variant URL

  • Hide affiliate links

  • Hide UTM tags

Offer: 50% off premium plan

Link: URL Short Link Generator

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

26. Judge.me

At Judge.me, you can do more than just collect and display your product reviews. Showcase picture reviews, engage your users and get customer info via custom forms and Q&A, synchronize reviews across product groups, and more! We offer a comprehensive selection of features at the fraction of the cost of other apps. And if you ever need help, our 24/7 support team is just a chat or email away.

Offer: Extended 60 days free trial

Link: Judge.me

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

27. Sticky Add to Cart DRAWER PLUS

Design your own beautiful sticky cart drawer with advanced functionalities and customization capabilities, save customer time on the way to checkout and lower time to purchase. Increase your conversion rate with responsive and mobile-optimized cart drawer design.

Offer: 20% off on all plans

Link: Sticky Add to Cart DRAWER PLUS

Discount code: SHAPIFY20

28. Inkybay ‑ Product Customizer

Inkybay is a web-based product personalization tool for print shops and e-Commerce stores to allow customers design and order their own perfect products. By using Inkyaby, eliminate the manual proofing and approval process, cut your designer cost (customer is the designer), get print ready vector output file, automate order processing, increases revenue and customer trust. Inkybay comes with:

  • Visual Product Designer & Configurator

  • Extended Product Options & Tired Pricing

  • Advance customization pricing

Offer: 20% off on all plans

Link: Inkybay - Product Customizer

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

29. Vivid Buy Button

Vivid Buy Button lets stores to customize their product page buy button. It allows stores to effortlessly change button colors, width, font size, border, letter capitalization, font thickness, and corners radius. What’s more, with Vivid Buy Button merchants can easily add various types of button animations and effects, to increase the click-through rates, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Offer: 30% off

Link: Vivid Buy Button

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

30. TaskHusky

TaskHusky Plus is like Amazon Prime, but better. Because it’s designed just for eCommerce merchants. You get more help growing your eCommerce business, exclusive marketing content, and a bunch of perks for only $49/year

Offer: Get lifetime access to TaskHusky Plus for 50% off.

Link: TaskHusky

Discount code: Use coupon code QX0P3HSN8E at checkout.

31. LiveRecover

LiveRecover provides a human-powered, text message-based abandoned cart recovery tool for Shopify stores. The tool uses contact information from the checkout process to follow up with customers manually. This process enables LiveRecover to answer customer questions in real-time to help convert the abandoned cart into a sale.

Offer: 40% off first 3 months (monthly subscription fee only)

Link: LiveRecover

Discount code: Enter code BF40 after the trial is up

32. Shogun Page Builder

The Shogun Page Builder is an intuitive way to customize eCommerce stores for both developers and non-technical founders. Whether you’re rearranging your product pages, creating a design-forward “About Us” page, or building an eCommerce store from scratch, Shogun is the Swiss army knife needed to make your vision a reality.

Offer: Receive 20% off of your Shogun subscription for life!

Link: Shogun Page Builder

Discount code: Automatically apply when using the link

33. Product description writing

This unique app connects merchants to qualified product description writers that produce quality content for their store product pages. Which helps them with SEO, Higher conversions.

Offer: Credit for product description writing

Link: Product description writing

Discount code: Automatically apply when using the link (Expires December 10th)

34. Shipway ‑ Shipment Tracking

Shipway helps you to provide the best post shipping experience to your customers. You can send tracking notifications, get feedbacks and generate NPS score

Offer: Flat 30% off on all plans.

Link: Shipway ‑ Shipment Tracking

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

35. ReferralCandy

Customer referrals are proof that you've made something people love! ReferralCandy helps you increase your word-of-mouth sales by rewarding your customers when they refer their friends to your store.

Offer: $50 off after the 30-day free trial

Link: ReferralCandy

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

36. Xgentech

XgenTech is a full-stack design and development agency for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. The team of experts works with brands to take them online with beautifully branded online stores and help them grow their sales with data-backed strategies.

Offer: 30 minutes of free consultation

Link: Xgentech

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

37. Recart

Recart is the #1 Messenger app for your Shopify store, installed by 115,000+ merchants. It's the next generation of marketing. Grow your Messenger list and build a long-term relationship with your customers. Generate more sales with Recart Messenger Campaigns such as abandoned cart campaigns, receipts, welcome flows, or ask for photo reviews with the Loox Photo Review app integration. Forget low email open rates and spam folders. Increase your bottom line revenue by 10-15% and engage your customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger.

Offer: 20% off for 6 months for new signups

Link: Recart

Discount code: Install the Recart app and get in touch with our Customer Success team to redeem your offer.

38. SALES ROCKET | 30+ apps in one

Sales Rocket is packed with over 30+ essential apps bundled into one app. The benefit of having many apps in one app is it will speed up your store load times by reducing the number of individual apps you need. It also saves you money on app charges. The app has many awesome features like conversion rate boosters, scarcity and urgency timers, lead generators, revenue boosters, store protection, multi-currency, and more. The app is lightweight and fast. It works out-of-the-box with every theme on the Shopify theme store. Should any customizations be needed friendly support is available. There is 0 risk of messing up your theme since the app doesn't edit your theme.

Offer: Extended 30 days trial

Link: SALES ROCKET | 30+ apps in one

Discount code: Automatica applied when using the link

39. CleverReach ‑ E‑Mail Marketing

Boost your email marketing to another level by connecting your Shopify online store with our newsletter tool. CleverReach® enables you to create automated email or newsletter campaigns, Shopify data will be automatically updated and added to the CleverReach® Newsletter Tool. Make use of these helpful data for personal offers which will truly interest your clients. You will get more openings, more clicks, and more conversions! We recommend: checkout Cyber Deal & let the communication begin!

Offer: new clients save 3 months 30% off all paid tariffs. The discount is automatically activated after account activation.

Link: CleverReach ‑ E‑Mail Marketing

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

40. Proof factor Better Coupon & Sales Pop Ups

2 Apps in One:

  1. Better Social Proof - Live Visitor Count / Recent Sales / Live Sales Pop Ups

  2. Better Coupon Box - Gamification / Exit Intent / Discount Code / Email Pop Up

How's your sales conversion rate?

Our app offers two of the most powerful conversion tools in one app, Social Proof Notifications & Gamified Discount Pop Ups.

Use Social Proof to genuinely capture customer attention & establishes your brand’s trustworthiness.

Use gamification, instant coupons & exit intent on your Discount Email Pop Ups to drive sales, eliminate cart abandonment, and grow you list.

Offer: 50% Off Forever + 14-Day Free Trial

Link: Proof factor Better Coupon & Sales Pop Ups

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

41. Fera Social Proof

Fera allows merchants to boost their conversion rates by displaying social proof on their online store. Social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, and urgency content, helps to build brand trust and generate more sales with existing traffic. With over 2500+ reviews and a Shopify app rating of (4.9/5), you can be sure that this is the best social proof app for your store. Try it for FREE for 90 Days.

Offer: Try Fera 3 Months for FREE to Boost Your Conversions With Social Proof

Link: Fera Social Proof

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

42. TrueProfit ‑ Profit Tracking

The more your store grows, the more necessary it is to track your finance. Costs become complex and time-consuming to manage, and your true profit could be overshadowed by the fancy yet often misleading metrics like revenue.

TrueProfit makes profit calculating much easier, by automatically tracking all kinds of costs: cost of goods sold, shipping, transaction fees, ad spends and other expenses. The output is your correct profit, profit margin, average order value, etc.

Offer: extended 1-month free trial

Link: TrueProfit ‑ Profit Tracking

Discount code: Use code "TRUEPROFITBFCM".

43. Accountify: Real Time Profit

Accountify is a profit calculator and an accounting system for Shopify. easily connect cost of goods sold, Google ads, Facebook ads, shipping costs, etc, to get an accurate live view of your cash flow and profits.

Offer: 60 Days Free! (instead of 14 day free trial)

Link: Accountify: Real Time Profit

Discount code: Contact Accountify support after installing and give them the code: 60DaysFree to redeem your extended trial.

44. Product Labels & Badges

Did you know that it is 90% more likely that a customer clicks on a labeled product as opposed to a non-labeled one? Our app will allow you to add all kinds of different custom-made labels to your product images.

"Product Labels & Badges" comes with one demo label and five predefined labels presets. However, you can create as many labels & presets as you like.

Furthermore, our app comes with a comprehensive help center and live chat support.

Offer: 30 days FREE trial instead of 15

Link: Product Labels & Badges

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

45. Store Locator & Map

Our Store Locator app will help you show all your physical stores in a single page in your Shopify website. You can add an unlimited number of store addresses that will be displayed in a beautiful page with Google Maps integration. You can add a phone number, email address and working hours for each store. If you have posted an image of your store(s) in Google Maps, it will be displayed too!

Check our demo here: https://isenselabs.myshopify.com/pages/our-stores

Furthermore, our app comes with a comprehensive help center and live chat support.

Offer: 30 days FREE trial instead of 15

Link: Store Locator & Map

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

46. Audiencefy

Audiencefy is a one-of-its-kind enhanced customer analytics platform for Shopify users. You can segment your purchase data with over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred marketing platform. For each segment, see insights including Lifetime Value, Revenue, Average Order Value, and the Most Commonly Purchased Products.

Audiencefy also allows you to create extremely personalized campaigns for your customers by segmenting your Shopify customers into predefined audience segments. It not only increases your brand’s engagement but also improves the conversion rates exponentially.

Offer: Lifetime Deal at $49

Link: Audiencefy

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

47. ZapERP

Inventory Management Simplified with ZapERP Multi-channel inventory with powerful stock management & order fulfillment. Sell & distribute products. Manage entire business and increase your profits


95% Off for Lifetime deal (no monthly recurring payments)

Only for BF - Unlimited Orders / Month 200,000 SKUs and 50 Warehouses with Stock Transfer with 20 users

Link: ZapERP

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

48. Glorify

Glorify is an easy to use design tool for eCommerce business owners & entrepreneurs, helping them bring color to their conversions.

Offer: 75% OFF for any Lifetime Deal

Link: Glorify

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

49. Videorax

Struggling to come up with video creatives for your online store?

Get more engagement and drive more traffic as Videorax creates amazing and engaging product videos for your audience.

A deal you don’t want to miss!

P.S. Check out the bundle deal and grab the offer while slots are still available!

Offer: 20% off for life

Link: Videorax

Discount code: Use code BFCM20 at checkout

50. Gorgias

Gorgias transforms your customer support into a profit center. It enables over 2000 eCommerce merchants to manage all their customer service - Facebook & Instagram, emails, chat - in a unified platform integrated with Shopify. Developed with Automation and Monetization at its core, Gorgias builds your brand with each customer interaction.

Offer: 2nd month Free

Link: Gorgias

Discount code: Applied automatically using the link

51. Theme Hebrew

Shopify Hebrew THEME - RTL, fully translated to Hebrew (also the customize bar), Hebrew fonts and tons of features

Offer: 40% off

Link: Theme Hebrew

Discount code: Applied automatically using the link

52. Klickly

Klickly is an invite-only, 100%-Commission based advertising platform that lets your customers purchase directly within your ads.

Get your ads shown on over 25 million premium online destinations, set your own commission, and only pay when you get a sale! Get your ads up and running in under 15 minutes without touching code and increase your visibility without breaking the bank.

Offer: Get $200 (~200K) FREE extra impressions and skip the waiting list to access Klickly.

Link: brands.klickly

Discount code: Cite ReConvert as the referrer when you sign up

53. Bold Discounts

Bold Discounts is the ultimate eCommerce app for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM). Schedule storewide sales with a single click, run flash sales and daily deals, and use countdown timers on specific products to create urgency and motivate customers to convert.

Save yourself time and stress by scheduling BFCM sales ahead of time. Show customers “compare at” pricing so they can see how much they are saving and feel great about shopping from your store.

Plus, run dynamic deals without discount codes, and auto-tag items to create exciting product collections. If there’s one app we would recommend for all your BFCM needs, it’s Bold Discounts!

Offer: Get it free through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (14-day trial)

Link: Bold Discounts

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

54. Bold Upsell

Bold Upsell lets you add the oldest sales trick in the book to your eCommerce store: upselling and cross-selling. Easily create and customize upselling pop-ups that prompt your customers to increase their average order value (AOV) with each purchase.

Choose where, when, and which products will trigger enticing offers, like adding complementary items to their purchase, or exchanging their original item for a bigger or upgraded version. Increase the value of each order while offering your customers great deals on the products they love. It’s a win-win! Try Bold Upsell for free now, and watch your sales skyrocket this BFCM.

Offer: Get it free through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (14-day trial)

Link: Bold Upsell

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

55. Bold Bundles

One of the best ways to sell more during Black Friday is to sell products in bundles. The Bold Bundles app is the easy solution for managing product bundles, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) free offers, and even buy-one-get-one 50% off (or whichever % you choose) deals.

The app allows you to easily track inventory, customize the look and feel of your offers, and even integrates with the Bold Brain app, which uses AI technology to make smart bundle recommendations right in your store. Try Bold Bundles for free, now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Offer: Get free through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (14-day trial)

Link: Bold Bundles

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

56. Message Mate

With our 2-way texting widget your customer satisfaction soars AND you spend less time on customer support.

Use our web dashboard or one of our many integrations: Slack, email, Zendesk, Gorgias, or even use your cellphone to text customers without revealing your personal number). Includes: SMS/MMS, automated CSAT, review, & opt-in requests, scheduled texts, contacts, group texting, campaign management, texting widget, compliance engine, and spam protection

Offer: 19% off for two years

Link: Message Mate

Discount code: Use code BFCM2019 at checkout

56. Spocket

Spocket’s award-winning, #1 rated app gives you access to 250,000+ winning products from high-quality suppliers in the US, Canada, UK, and EU.

This means faster delivery times for your customers and products with great margin levels.

Offer: up to 50% off any Annual Pro, Empire or Unicorn plan

Link: Spocket

Discount code: Get offer through the link

57. FraudBlock

FraudBlock saves you from getting hit with chargeback fees by automatically canceling, refunding, and restocking "high risk" orders.

Shopify's risk classification system is usually spot on, but if you don't manually cancel these fraudulent orders quickly, credit card companies often charge you a fee, adding insult to injury. FraudBlock automatically takes care of this for you.

Offer: Super extended 60 days free trial

Link: FraudBlock

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

58. Rewind

Rewind gives Shopify and Shopify Plus stores peace of mind knowing that their critical data is backed up and can be recovered with just one click. It's like having a magic undo button that will save you from mistakes, app integration problems, or malicious attacks.

Protect against costly downtime with the most comprehensive automatic backup app. Try it out completely free before the end of 2019 with their special Rewind One-Time plan.

Offer: one-time free backup, regardless of store size

Link: Rewind

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

59. Emitrr

Emitrr is a voice commerce app for Shopify stores to enable voice ordering, voice gaming and voice order tracking. User can say: "Alexa, repeat my last order from PetnGo" or "Alexa, what's the status of my order". You can build and publish your voice apps in under 10 minutes with absolutely no coding experience.

Offer: 30% OFF on all Annual plans

Link: Emitrr

Discount code: Send an email to anmol@emitrr.com

Want your app or service to be on the list?

If you're an app developer and want to join our BFCM deals page and offer your service to Shopify merchants just fill up this form and we'll do our best to add it as soon as we can.