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Add reorder button to your Shopify thank you page using ReConvert

Reorder button

The reorder button allows you to offer customers a special discount if they place the exact same order again. You can offer a % or a flat rate discount, or not use a discount at all. Example: someone just bought a pizza plate from your pizza place, and on the thank you page the reorder button offers him to get another plate for 20% off. Hungry customers are very likely to comply.

ReConvert Reorder button functionality demonstration

Since we already have all the customer’s information, the reorder button will skip the cart page and the customer information and shipping pages in the checkout process, and go directly to the payment page.

The reorder element has all the free text features and some additional ones:

  • Discount type - Percentages / flat rate

  • Discount value (keep at 0 to provide no discount)

  • The reorder button text, text color, button color and alignment



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