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How to model your store's thank you page after AliExpress

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

This is the third of our big e-commerce sites reviews series, we started with the two retail giants Amazon and then Walmart, and in this part, we are reviewing something a little different.

We are reviewing the Chinese Alibaba's B2C e-commerce platform, revolutionary in creating a direct connection between the manufacturer and the end customer:


1. Order summary

AliExpress, being a platform connecting sellers and buyers, doesn't hold any stock or manage any orders on its own. When you order from AliExpress, you might be ordering from a few different sellers at the same order, and each of them handles shipping differently.

This is why their minimal order and shipping details make sense- the message simply states that each of the sellers you purchased from will contact you for more details within the stated time.

On the AliExpress thank you page, the order summary section takes up a very small space, especially when compared to Walmart's detailed order summary. This difference can be attributed, again, to the difference between these two sites- AliExpress is not a retailer, but a connector between customers and retailers.

Back to store links

Inside the order summary section are a few links back to the store, including a link to view your orders and the continue shopping link.

The links are displayed clearly and simply, without standing out particularly, but in a location that catches the eye.

2. Navigation bar

AliExpress offers a relatively minimal navigation bar at the top of their thank you page, divided into two sections, with a third section at the bottom of the page:

  1. At the top of the header a navigation bar related to settings and help- all useful links for the customer to control his experience on the site, with one exception- a mobile app download link.

  2. Next to the search bar, a comfortable set of links related to the customer's user account, wish-list and cart.

  3. Footer navigation bar- includes general links for the site and the Alibaba group. It is a relatively large section on the page, and other then a few links back to the store, mostly contains useful informative links.

Mobile app download

This is the only promotional part of the top navigation menu- between all the settings, there is a call to action to install AliExpress's mobile app.

The offer is to "save big" with the mobile app, probably referring to sales and deals available only to mobile app users.

The offer could be clearer and more immediate if you want to give a strong incentive for the customers to install the app, But placing it in the middle of the navigation bar containing otherwise only helpful links related to settings, puts this link at the same helpful context for the customer, rather then promotional.

3. Search

The search bar is very simple and generally blends in with the rest of the page. The search button is in line with the store's colors, but it is also the largest component in the page with the bold red color, which makes it stand out.

Like we've mentioned in the previous two posts in this series, the search bar is an integral part of any successful thank you page. It, like the navigation bar, is a gateway for the customers back to the store.

4. Products recommendations

The boldest area of AliExpress's thank you page is the related products up-sell section.

AliExpress displays a scroll-able product recommendations section, based on the products from the purchase that was just completed, and products previously viewed by the customer. Other then name and price, the order recommendations include products ratings and number of orders, to increase trust.

Considering that AliExpress is not a seller itself, but a collection of sellers, it is important for every seller to obtain trust and credibility with his customers individually. One of the best ways to do it is to display customer ratings.

Adding social proof and the popularity of the products in the recommendations section makes their perceived value higher in the eyes of the customer, and increases the likelihood of a customer contemplating purchasing actually going through with it.

5. Mobile app download

AliExpress definitely want you to download their mobile app- they do not make do with a little link at the top of the page, they make sure their customers know they have an app.

at the bottom of the page, right after the footer menu, they provide two separate links for Android and IOS. The mobile app buttons are clear and bold, and stand out relatively well on the grey background of the footer menu.

If you're contemplating the necessity of a mobile app for your e-commerce store, just remember that more and more customers today prefer to make a purchase through mobile, and that a mobile app's conversion rate is 3 times higher then a mobile browser conversion rate.


While AliExpress is a platform and not a merchant, and as such communicates with the customers differently than a single merchant's store would, they are still one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, and there's a lot to learn from them as far as thank you page design go.


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