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Introducing: Urgency With Product Upsell Timers

We have been telling anyone that would listen that the Popup With Timer widget is the BEST converting widget in ReConvert for a while now, and there are 2 main reasons for that:

  1. It's a popup (it stands out)

  2. The timer provides urgency, which increases conversions

So we've decided to introduce urgency to our second-best converting widget as well, to increase its conversion rate even more!

And what is this widget, you might ask? Well, it's none other than the Product Upsell widget.

We are happy to introduce Timers to the Product Upsell widget!

Timers will allow you to add a beautiful, fully customizable timer to any product upsell you add to your thank you page, and add urgency to the offer.

How Do Timers Work With Product Upsell?

Adding a timer to a product upsell widget is simple, all you have to do is add the timer and setting up its look and behavior.

Timer settings

In the first section of the timer setup, are the timer settings, here you can define the following:

  1. Add timer checkbox- check this to enable the timer

  2. Timer text- the text that will be displayed next to the timer counter

  3. Display timer- allows you to set the rules of when this timer appears, there are 3 options:

  • On every impression

  • Display once per customer

  • Once per order


The timer duration section allows you to decide how long the timer's counter will count for. If you leave anyone blank, it will not show up in the timer:

  1. Days

  2. Hours

  3. Minutes

  4. Seconds

Timer design & position

This section is where you design your timer and it's position in the widget.

Timer style

You have 4 available timer styles to add to your product upsell widget:

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:


Allows you to control the timer's colors, these may differ for different designs:

  • Timer background color

  • Timer title text color

  • Timer text color

  • Timer border color


The position of the timer in the product upsell widget. This controls the layout of the timer inside the widget, and it's location.

By default, the timer will be above the entire widget, but these are the other options:

  • Above title (default)

  • Blow title

  • Below image

  • Above button

  • Below button

Text position

This dropdown controls where the text in the timer is positioned compared to the countdown timer itself.

These are the options:

  • Above timer (default)

  • Left to timer

  • Right to timer

  • Below timer


In this section, you can control the text for the timer duration. This will only be available in timer designs with the duration text on display.

Expiry settings

This section helps you control what happens when the timer runs out while the customer is still on the thank you page.

When the timer runs out dropdown:

  • Do nothing- keeps the widget active regularly, but hides the timer and shows the expired message instead

  • Remove discount- keeps the widget active, with no discount, and shows the expired message

  • Hide widget- shows the expired message for a few seconds and hides the widget completely from the page

  • Grey out widget- displays the widget as greyed out (customer can't accept the offer), while showing the expired message

Please note: if the timer is set to display "on every session", the widget will appear again with the timer reset, the next time the customer visits this page.

Timer expired message:

This message always shows up after the widget is expired. If you don't want a message to be displayed, keep the text box empty.

Preview expired offer button:

Allows you to preview the expired widget in the page builder.


What do you think about timers?

Let us know what you think, and how you plan to use it! If you have any improvement suggestions, our ears are always open to hearing it.



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