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Personalized Recommendations + ReConvert Integration

We're glad to announce that we've partnered and integrated with Personalized Recommendations.

Personalized Recommendations increase sales by showing personalized product recommendations using a proprietary algorithm. With the new ReConvert + Personalized Recommendations integration, you will be able to display recommended products in the product upsell or the product recommendations widgets using the Personalized Recommendations algorithm. You can set up integration with just a few clicks, and get more conversions from your thank you page.

Not only that, we've got you a special deal! All ReConvert users get an extra 20% on the quota of any plan you pick in Personalized Recommendations!

How Can You Enable the Integration?

You only need a few steps to enable the Personalized Recommendations integration:

  • Go into the ReConvert dashboard, and click 'Customize' button.

  • Add a new one or edit an existing upsell/product recommendations widget in your page builder

  • Select the "Personalized Recommendation" option from the "Products to display" drop-down

  • If you don't have Personalized Recommendations installed on your store yet, you'll see an install button that will take you Personalized Recommendations app listing in the Shopify App Store

  • After clicking the install button, the button will be replaced with a "Check status" button

  • Click a "Check status" button after installing Personalized Recommendations on your store, and you will see a success message

If Personalized Recommendations was already installed or your store, you will not see any of these messages, and simply choosing Personalized Recommendation in the dropdown will enable the integration

That's it, you're all set, and product recommendations from the Personalized Recommendations algorithm will now be displayed on your thank you page!

If you have any questions or need any help setting up the integration, feel free to reach out to our email, call us or contact us through the live chat widget within the app. We'll be more than happy to help or set it up for you

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