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70+ of the Best BFCM Shopify App Deals [2020]🔥

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We've reached the time of the year we all wait for year-round- holidays, family time, pumpkin-spiced everything, and most importantly- Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Oh yeah, I know what you're all really excited about- sales! But while every store out there offers it's customers CRAZY discounts, they are not the only ones who deserve a good deal on the holiday season.

We worked hard to collect a list of amazing deals and opportunities for Shopify apps and services, especially for you, for BFCM!

Want your Shopify app or service to be on the list?

If you're an app developer and want to join our BFCM deals page and offer your service to Shopify merchants, just fill in this form, and we'll do our best to add it as soon as we can.

So let's not waste any time and get right into the good stuff:

1. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert is a page builder for your thank you page- allowing you to not only create a beautiful, branded thank you page but also upsell post-purchase and increase your AOV on autopilot.

Getting new customers is great, but a good eCommerce store knows how to turn as many customers as possible to repeat ones.

With the app, you can also collect customers' birthdays, product post-purchase surveys, display videos, add a tracking widget to the order status page, and more.

  • Trusted by over 8,000 Shopify stores, including +700 Shopify Plus stores

  • Average 1,000%-8,000% ROI

  • 5/5 on the app store with over 1,900 reviews

  • 24\7 live support via chat, phone & email

  • Advanced analytics and integrations

Offer: Super extended 90-days free trial for new stores (instead of 30)

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link.

2. EasyCall

Does your business have a phone number? If not, there's a high chance that you're losing sales from customers who want to speak with you.

EasyCall is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to create a virtual call center and take your customer experience to new heights. The handy click to call widget empowers your team to provide instant voice support to shoppers from anywhere in the world.

But it doesn't stop there - EasyCall also lets you connect multiple devices and phone numbers, add business hours, record calls, and more. Plus, with powerful analytics, you can dial-in your customer service like never before.

With 86% of customers saying they'd pay up to 25% more to get a better customer support experience, can you really afford to not install EasyCall today?

Offer: 20% off lifetime for plan monthly fees!

Link: EasyCall

Discount code: Automatically applied via link

3. Order Merger

Order Merger, as the name implies, allows you to automatically or manually merge orders based on conditions of your choosing. Merging orders help you reduce shipping costs and improve your customers' experience.

Offer: 20% off lifetime for plan monthly fees!

Discount code: Automatically applied via link

4. Order Delivery Date

Order Delivery Date allows your customers to choose the order delivery date & time, resulting in a better conversion rate and much better customer experience.

Make your package pickup experience more comfortable and easy for your customers by letting them schedule specific gift deliveries—plan for delivery rush times and group packages together. Plus, Order Delivery Dates dates let you identify when your customers are buying specific items and remarket accordingly.

Offer: Extended 60 days trial (instead of 7)

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

5. iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Preparing for the Black Friday? If your store is missing a sticky side cart, then it’s time to set one up. iCart allows you to show upsells and cross-sells in the side cart/cart drawer.

You can add time-sensitive offers, progress bars, product collection recommendations, discounts, warranties, gift wrapping, images, text, and much more. Try it today and watch your average order value go through the roof this BFCM.

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF on monthly bill

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

6. Under Construction Coming Soon

If you're thinking about jumping into eCommerce, Under construction is a powerful page builder app that'll make sure you don't lose customers while your store is being built.

The drag-and-drop interface with advanced customization options makes it easy for your customers to know when you're launching your store and pump up the excitement!

Offer: Extended 60 days free trial (instead of 3)

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

7. Advance Reorder ‑ Repeat Order

Advanced reorder makes it super easy for customers to order again and improve your retention rates. You can let customers reorder previous orders through the account page or the order status page.

Featuring advanced customization capabilities and detailed analytics, if you're looking to set BFCM records, you can't go wrong with this app.

Offer: Extended 60 days free trial (instead of 7)

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

8. Proof Factor | Sales Pop-Ups, Spin Wheel, Email & SMS

Get 6 Apps in One to Boost Sales & Engage Customers with Proof Factor including:

  • Social Proof - Recent Sales Pop / Live Visitor Count

  • Popups - Birthday, SMS & Email Capture / Real-time Email Validation

  • Games - Spin to Win Wheel / Gift Box Motivator

  • Discounts - Buy X Get Y / Unique Discount Code Generator

  • Email Marketing - Coupon Redemption / Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • AB Testing - Popups / Design / Copy / Triggers

Start capturing a steady stream of visitors - remember as an e-commerce merchant your #1 concern is conversions and lead capture! Especially, if you want to get the best value from your Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Proof Factor bundles 6 of the most powerful conversion techniques in one app. Use powerful tools like Live Social Proof to motivate visitors to make their first purchase and then...reconvert them with ReConvert!

Offer: 50% Off Forever + 10-Day Free Trial

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

9. Wiser

Wiser is an app that enables your Shopify store to display personalized product recommendations across all the pages. It learns from the shopper’s browsing behavior to recommend products that might interest them and nudge them to explore as well as buy more. The product recommendations app comes with a number of widgets to display products, including similar/ related products, frequently bought together items, trending products, best-selling items, customers also bought, new arrivals, recently viewed products, featured products, and more. You can display these product recommendations on the product pages, cart page, thank you page, in the cart slider, or even in emails. The WISER app helps you boost product discoverability, increase your average order value, sales, and revenue.

Offer: Get 20% OFF on all our plans!

Link: Wiser

Discount code: EVMWISER20

10. ProveSource

ProveSource is a social proof marketing platform that highlights your recent sales, signups, and positive reviews as they happen, turning your website into a busy and interesting place that triggers buyer action, just like does.

Offer: Lifetime 20% off on all monthly plans

Discount code: FASTLANE

11. BeProfit

Calculate your accurate profit using BeProfit App. Simply sync your marketing & shipping accounts and additional costs, and monitor your profits via an easy-to-use dashboard, including charts, analytics, and export options.

Offer: Free for installations until New Years Day 2021!

Link: BeProfit

Discount code: Automatically applied via link


With, Shopify's first proactive Store Credit & Loyalty Program, you’ll harness the power of Gift Cards to increase revenue & loyalty and to drive new customers to your store.

Offer: 21-day FREE trial for new stores!


Discount code: Automatically applied via link

13. Loox

Showcase product reviews from happy customers in beautiful galleries of photo reviews & social proof reviews popups and build strong trust. Join many Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants that use Loox to easily collect beautiful reviews with photos and boost conversion with social proof that looks great!

Loox helps 100,000+ Shopify merchants collect product reviews with photos and use them to increase sales and strengthen their brand.

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF for Advanced plan and up

Link: Loox

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

14. WooHoo

Boost your email subscribers with WooHoo discount and gamification popups. Use WooHoo's native spin the wheel popup games, which help you drive more sales using exit intent gamified solutions and rewards winning popups.

Offer: Extended trial of 30-day instead of 14-day

Link: WooHoo

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

15. Poptin

Poptin is a lead capture tool that helps businesses achieve lower bounce rates, reduced cart abandonment, and higher conversions. This app allows you to create engaging popups and forms with its user-friendly builder even without knowledge of coding.

It's packed with all the amazing features needed for a successful conversion, like exit-intent technology, triggering and targeting options, A/B testing, analytics, and more.

Poptin is now being used by more than a hundred thousand websites all over the world.

Offer: 50% OFF for the first 3 months!

Link: Poptin

Discount code: POPTINBF2020

16. SMSBump

SMSBump is an SMS marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. Built for compliance, SMSBump allows you to recover carts, launch targeted campaigns, and engage in truly conversational commerce, leveraging the 98% open rate of the channel. With over 80,000 active users, it is the preferred text marketing app for Shopify merchants.

SMSBump integrates with ReConvert to help you strengthen your relationships with customers and earn their loyalty. Simply connect the two apps to collect customer birthdays and trigger personalized offers via SMS for their special day.

Offer: 20% off on all paid plans for new users

Link: SMSBump

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

17. PushOwl

PushOwl is an all in one system to manage web push subscribers for your Shopify stores: collect new users with beautiful pop-ups, Set up powerful automation, and run blast promotions with advanced segmentations & accurate analytics.

PushOwl is also integrated with other apps like Loox, SMSBump, Recart, and much more.

Offer: 66% off on the annual PushOwl business plan!

Link: PushOwl

Discount code: BFCMPUSH

18. Growave

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, and increase conversions with ease.

You get all tools for reaching, engaging, and converting your customers like Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Reviews, Q&A, and Social login for a great price. Growave lets your brand go viral by encouraging users to share your brand on social media and email, build strong customer relationships using your loyalty program, comments, and Wishlist, and increase conversion through customer reviews and user-generated content. ​

All the features that you need are under one dashboard, and integrations are very easy. The app is simple to set up, customize and makes a transition seamlessly.

Offer: Extended 60-day free trial for new users!

Link: Growave

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

19. sixads

sixads - it’s the Shopify app that runs high-performing ads for you! Accelerate your sales. Put your products in front of millions of shoppers who want to buy what you sell. Try sixads automated Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads now.

Offer: Get +10,000 EXTRA impressions in sixads network (Valid until 2020-11-28)

Link: sixads

Discount code: Contact support team with code PantsOnFireBFCM & the offer will be applied.

20. Swave

Use user-generated content like it's 2020! Swave is a new and innovative way to turn your customers into ambassadors on Instagram, collect beautiful photo reviews, and display them as Instagram stories in your store.

Offer: 50% OFF on pro plan

Link: Swave

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

21. Flits

A system for delivering multiple features to customers via a centralized customer dashboard. It will help you to generate word-of-mouth advertising through customer satisfaction and save subsequent marketing costs.

Flits is the one-stop solution you have always dreamt of. Customer loyalty packed with customer retention. Built to perfection, keep your customers happy through flits!

Offer: Lifetime 20% OFF

Link: Flits

Discount code: Automatically applied with link

22. Segments

Increase repeat purchase and CLV by uncovering opportunities with automated segmentation.

Segments Analytics gives the modern brand immediate access to enterprise-grade analytics and insights. Savvy merchants know that generic metrics and email blasts are no longer sufficient in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. Created by former data scientists from Linkedin, Segments helps brands uncover hidden insights and take action to grow their business.

Offer: First month FREE for new clients!

Link: Segments

Discount code: Answer 'Stiyo BFCM' during onboarding “how did you hear about us” question


At, you can do more than just collect and display your product reviews. Showcase picture reviews, engage your users, and get customer info via custom forms and Q&A, synchronize reviews across product groups, and more! We offer a comprehensive selection of features at a fraction of the cost of other apps. And if you ever need help, our 24/7 support team is just a chat or email away.

Offer: Try all our features Awesome Plan for 2 months free!


Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

24. Sticky Cart‑ Slide Cart Drawer

Design your own beautiful sticky cart drawer with advanced functionalities and customization capabilities, save customer time on the way to checkout, and lower time to purchase. Increase your conversion rate with responsive and mobile-optimized cart drawer design.

Offer: 20% off on all plans

Discount code: TAKE20OFF

25. LiveRecover

LiveRecover provides a human-powered, text message-based abandoned cart recovery tool for Shopify stores. The tool uses contact information from the checkout process to follow up with customers manually. This process enables LiveRecover to answer customer questions in real-time to help convert the abandoned cart into a sale.

Offer: 50% off first 3 months!

Discount code: Enter code BF40 after the trial is up

26. Shogun Page Builder

The Shogun Page Builder is an intuitive way to customize eCommerce stores for both developers and non-technical founders. Whether you’re rearranging your product pages, creating a design-forward “About Us” page, or building an eCommerce store from scratch, Shogun is the Swiss army knife needed to make your vision a reality.

Offer: Receive 20% off of your Shogun subscription for life!

Discount code: Automatically apply when using the link

27. HotShp

Does writing product descriptions take up too much of your time? We craft descriptions for products based on best practices around maximizing product page conversions and SEO. We look at the product title, current description, images, category, and tags to write each description.

We also offer engaging social media caption writing, which saves you buckets of time and ensures your social growth and engagement run on auto-pilot. If your writing is holding your eCommerce store back, sign up and get 25% off your first month today!

Offer: 25% off for the first month coupon for BYCM

Link: HotShp

Discount code: 25_OFF_BFCM

28. Shipway ‑ Shipment Tracking

Shipway helps you to provide the best post shipping experience to your customers. You can send tracking notifications, get feedback, and generate an NPS score.

Offer: Flat 30% off on all plans.

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

29. Recart

Recart is the #1 Messenger app for your Shopify store, installed by 115,000+ merchants. It's the next generation of marketing. Grow your Messenger list and build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Generate more sales with Recart Messenger Campaigns such as abandoned cart campaigns, receipts, welcome flows, or ask for photo reviews with the Loox Photo Review app integration. Forget low email open rates and spam folders. Increase your bottom line revenue by 10-15% and engage your customers on the platform they actively use: Facebook Messenger.

Offer: 20% off for 6 months for new signups

Link: Recart

Discount code: Install the Recart app and get in touch with our Customer Success team to redeem your offer.

30. SALES ROCKET | 30+ apps in one

Sales Rocket is packed with over 30+ essential apps bundled into one app. The benefit of having many apps in one app is it will speed up your store load times by reducing the number of individual apps you need. It also saves you money on app charges.

The app has many awesome features like conversion rate boosters, scarcity and urgency timers, lead generators, revenue boosters, store protection, multi-currency, and more. The app is lightweight and fast. It works out-of-the-box with every theme on the Shopify theme store. Should any customizations be needed, friendly support is available. There is 0 risk of messing up your theme since the app doesn't edit your theme.

Offer: Extended 30-day free trial for the BFCM holidays!

Discount code: No code required

31. CleverReach ‑ E‑Mail Marketing

Boost your email marketing to another level by connecting your Shopify online store with our newsletter tool. CleverReach® enables you to create automated email or newsletter campaigns. Shopify data will be automatically updated and added to the CleverReach® Newsletter Tool.

Make use of these helpful data for personal offers that will truly interest your clients. You will get more openings, more clicks, and more conversions! We recommend: checkout Cyber Deal & let the communication begin!

Offer: new clients save 3 months 30% off all paid tariffs. The discount is automatically activated after account activation.

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

32. Fera Social Proof

The Fera Product Reviews & Social Proof app allows you to earn the trust of your customers & improve your conversions by showing your shoppers how great your product is with product reviews, average rating badges, photo & video reviews, testimonials, and more. With over 2500+ reviews and a Shopify app rating of (4.9/5), you can be sure that this is the best reviews & social proof app for your store. Try it for FREE for 90 Days.

Offer: Try Fera 3 Months for FREE to Boost Your Conversions With Social Proof

Discount code: Automatically applied when using the link

33. Product Labels & Badges

Did you know that it is 90% more likely that a customer clicks on a labeled product as opposed to a non-labeled one? Our app will allow you to add all kinds of different custom-made labels to your product images.

"Product Labels & Badges" comes with one demo label and five predefined label presets. However, you can create as many labels & presets as you like.

Furthermore, our app comes with a comprehensive help center and live chat support.

Offer: 30 days FREE trial instead of 15

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

34. Store Locator & Map

Our Store Locator app will help you show all your physical stores on a single page on your Shopify website. You can add an unlimited number of store addresses that will be displayed on a beautiful page with Google Maps integration. You can add a phone number, email address, and working hours for each store. If you have posted an image of your store(s) in Google Maps, it will be displayed too!

Offer: 30 days FREE trial instead of 15

Discount code: applied automatically when using the link

35. Gorgias

Gorgias transforms your customer support into a profit center. It enables over 4500 eCommerce merchants to manage all their customer service - Facebook & Instagram, emails, chat - in a unified platform integrated with Shopify. Developed with Automation and Monetization at its core, Gorgias builds your brand with each customer interaction.

Offer: 2nd month Free

Link: Gorgias

Discount code: Applied automatically using the link

36. Theme Hebrew

Shopify Hebrew THEME - RTL, fully translated to Hebrew (also the customize bar), Hebrew fonts, and tons of features

Offer: 40% off

Discount code: '40BFCM' (Automatically applied via link)

37. Message Mate

With our 2-way texting widget, your customer satisfaction soars, AND you spend less time on customer support.

Use our web dashboard or one of our many integrations: Slack, email, Zendesk, Gorgias, or even use your cellphone to text customers without revealing your personal number). Includes: SMS/MMS, automated CSAT, review & opt-in requests, scheduled texts, contacts, group texting, campaign management, texting widget, compliance engine, and spam protection

Offer: 20% off for 15 months. Redeemable until Dec. 31st 2020.

Discount code: Use code BYE2020 at checkout

38. FraudBlock

FraudBlock saves you from getting hit with chargeback fees by automatically canceling, refunding, and restocking "high risk" orders.

Shopify's risk classification system is usually spot on, but if you don't manually cancel these fraudulent orders quickly, credit card companies often charge you a fee, adding insult to injury. FraudBlock automatically takes care of this for you.

Offer: Super extended 60 days free trial

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

39. Rewind

Rewind gives Shopify and Shopify Plus stores peace of mind knowing that their critical data is backed up and can be recovered with just one click. It's like having a magic undo button that will save you from mistakes, app integration problems, or malicious attacks.

Protect against costly downtime with the most comprehensive automatic backup app. Try it out completely free before the end of 2019 with their special Rewind One-Time plan.

Offer: One-month free!

Link: Rewind

Discount code: Mention this blog post after you install the app

40. TxTCart

TxtCart SMS Marketing brings a human-powered element to text message marketing. TxtCart’s live agents/AI follow up with customers who abandon checkout, answer their questions, and convert them with a discount. Putting a twist on traditional SMS abandoned cart recovery and marketing, merchants enjoy over 10x return, up to 50% response rates, and up to 25% conversion rates.

Offer: 14-day free trial and up to $1000 free recovered sales.

Link: TxTCart

Discount code: Mention code BFCM-RC to Support when you install the app

41. FirePush

The all-in-one marketing automation app. Drive more sales with integrated SMS, push notifications and email campaigns, & automations.

Offer: 20% OFF for BASIC & PRO plans!

Link: FirePush

Discount code: Automatically applied via link

42. GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management

If your store is located in the EU/EEA, Brazil (GDPR zone), or in California US (CCPA zone), then you need our app. It is also required if you are shipping goods to EU/EEA countries. Our solution is a must-have for dropshipping and print on demand (POD) stores. With hefty penalties from the EU Commission, our app is how you can stay compliant with the latest GDPR/CCPA regulations.

Offer: 77% Off Pro Plan!

Discount code: Offer automatically applied over the BFCM holiday period (use link above!)

43. InkyBay Product Customizer

Inkybay is a web-based product personalization tool for print shops and e-Commerce stores to allow customers to design and order their own perfect products.

By using Inkyaby, eliminate the manual proofing and approval process, cut your designer cost (customer is the designer), get print ready vector output file, automate order processing, increases revenue and customer trust.

Inkybay comes with:

  • Visual Product Designer & Configurator

  • Extended Product Options & Tired Pricing

  • Advance customization pricing

  • Offer: 20% off on all plans

Discount code: Applied automatically when using the link

44. Podify - Dynamic Print on Demand

Podify brings Shopify's first dynamic Print on Demand application to the Shopify app store. Instead of just offering your customers endless amounts of pre-designed, basic products, why not let your customers design products right on your Shopify app store!

Items that can be designed include sequin pillows, face masks, phone cases, Airpod cases, jigsaw puzzles, bags, and over 150 unique custom items exclusive to Podify.

No need to invest in hours of making pre-designed products. Let your customers fully design their product with Podfy's patented design tool that does all the heavy lifting for you. And yes, you can do pre-designed too.

Offer: $10 refunded for every $50 sales

Discount code: Message with subject line "Stilyo"

45. Batch

Grow conversions and sell more by letting customers make prepaid purchase offers that you can instantly turn into new sales with a few clicks.

Offer: $79/year for Pro (34% off)

Discount code: Discount applied via link (when installed)

46. Staffy

Staffy helps online and POS merchants to manage their store team. Join many Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants that use Staffy to easily track time, manage payments, and monitor the productivity of their staff all on ONE platform from within your Shopify dashboard!

Offer: Lifetime 10% off and a 60 days extended trial!

Link: Staffy

Discount code: Contact the app's live chat with: I <3 BFCM

47. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy helps brands set up and run a customer referral program, allowing them to acquire new customers while retaining existing ones. You can now start your own referral program by taking advantage of this offer!

Offer: $50 off after your 30-day free trial

Discount code: Applied via link


SMSAPI is a bulk SMS messaging service available via the Customer Portal, mobile app, or a simple and easy to integrate SMS API enabling integration with own IT systems, including e-commerce and CRM.

Currently, SMSAPI service is used by 7000 customers. The platform enables running personalized advertising and promotional SMS campaigns and supports customer service activities through automated and trigger-based text communication.

SMSAPI is integrated with many tools and services, including Zapier, Magento, Shoplo, IAI-Shop, WordPress,, SALESmanago, edrone, Salesforce and Google services.

Offer: Get an extra 10% on your first top-up (up to €500)


Discount code: Sign-up & use code 10BLACK2020 during your first payment.

49. EasySendy

EasySendy is an email marketing platform for eCommerce stores, bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, YouTubers, writers, course creators, consultants, freelancers, authors, coaches, musicians, photographers, and startups.

Offer: 40% OFF on Annual Subscription!

Link: EasySendy

Discount code: BLACK2020

50. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

TinyIMG improves your store loading time by compressing images by up to 70%, without reducing their quality. The app also helps to increase organic traffic to your online store by improving your site’s SEO structure with SEO edit and JSON LD tool-set. TinyIMG has a powerful SEO audit tool that shows errors and how to fix them on every page.

Offer: 20% off for all new merchants!

Discount code: Applied automatically via link

51. SellUp

SellUp allows you to streamline your upsell strategy for your Shopify store.

Offer: Free BFCM 7 Day Trial with any Premium Upgrade

Link: SellUp

Discount code: Applied automatically via link

52. UPLOAD - Auto Photo Retouching

Make your Shopify photos professional-looking with A.I. Remove background, recommend composition and tagging automatically. Sync photos with store media, save more time, increase more sales.

Offer: Buy one, get one free

Discount code: Applied automatically via link

53. Etsy & ShareASale Integration

We help you send your products to Etsy and ShareASale and sync order inventory among these platforms.

Offer: Get Superseller plan upgrade for 3 months for any plan you purchase

Discount code: All installs between Black Friday & Cyber Monday will be upgraded automatically

54. Translate & Currency Converter Pro

Translate & Currency Converter Pro brings you unlimited Translation & Currency Converter to reach a wider audience for the holiday season. Talk to your customers in their language and currency and to close more sales.


  • Free or paid plan

  • Unlimited translation and currency converter

  • 103 languges & 164 currencies

  • Auto-detection customer location

  • Featured languages

  • Customize font, size, color to look better on your store

  • Too many features to list, see our listing for more.

You can get more sales by adding a translator & currency converter, when a visitor comes to your store they will automatically see their own language and currency.

This will help you increase visitors to buyers on your store as majority of people speak a different language and are custom to there local currency.  You can try for 15 days and see results for yourself.

Offer: Up to 30% off a month forever & free setup to optimize for your store

Discount code: Automatically applied via link

55. Appointo - Appointment Booking

Save time, accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality by using Appointo to sell your online appointment services.

With advanced features like Automated Reminders & Notification, Group Appointments, Team scheduling and Calendar integration you can sell WEBINARS, TOURS, WORKSHOPS, CLASSES and many more services online.

Offer: Lifetime 50% OFF on monthly bill!

Discount code: Applies to all installs between Black Friday & Cyber Monday

56. Back In Stock - Restock Alerts

Back In Stock is an app that enables your store to send automated product restock alerts on SMS, email, web push notifications and the Facebook Messenger. This strategy helps bring back shoppers lost to product stock-outs, by capturing their purchase intent and using it to re-engage them once they have left the store.

The app comes with powerful features such as:

  • Back in stock email alerts

  • Automated SMS

  • Facebook Messenger notifications

  • Web push notifications

  • Smart automation

  • Segmented restock alerts (based on variants)

  • Multi-location support

  • Works with every theme

  • Supports multiple languages

Offer: 20% off on all plans

Discount code: Simply contact support and mention this blog post!

57. Searchly - Filter and Search App

Searchly is a powerful search and product filters app that enables Shopify stores to offer a seamless shopping experience to store visitors. The app comes with an instant search widget with a smart learning algorithm, unlimited product filters, upsell and cross-sell features, supporting over 1 million products.

Some of the powerful features of the app include:

  • Smart, customizable and self-learning search algorithm

  • Type-as you- go (instant search) suggestions

  • Unlimited product filters (product attributes, metafields, tag prefixes, product variant options)

  • Free tools for upsell & cross-sell campaigns

  • Real-time updated results to show products’ live price, in-stock status and previews

  • Keyword-based redirects

  • Unlimited synonym dictionary

Offer: 20% off on all plans

Discount code: Simply contact support and mention this blog post!

58. RevTap - Shopify Analytics

RevTap is a Shopify analytics app that enables stores to turn their store and marketing data into actionable strategies to grow their business. It helps them identify their top-selling and cold-selling products, VIP and loyal customers, and more with 10+ product segments, and 24+ customer segments.

The app helps you identify who you should be marketing to and where, helping you optimize your marketing and advertising spend and get more ROI on campaigns.

Some of the powerful features of the app include:

  • 24+ customer segments (VIP, loyal, cart abandoners, price-sensitive and more)

  • 10+ product segments (hot-selling, cold, most-abandoned and more)

  • Actionable marketing reports - Facebook, email and Google search ads

  • 1:1 ad consultation from experts

Offer: Free consultation and BFCM ad set up for first 15 stores and Custom Discounts on pricing

Discount code: Just let us know you came from StilyoApps to redeem the offer

59. WideBundle

WideBundle is a bundle/quantity break app that allows you to put offers directly on your product. Your customers can order multiple products with different variants for each.

Offer: 20% OFF - LIFETIME!

Discount code: Discount applied via link

60. Easy FAQ | Fast & Flexible

Focus on shipping orders rather than responding to customer service emails. Create a beautiful FAQ page for your store which would drastically reduce customer service-related emails which would help you focus on other higher priority things during BFCM.

Offer: 30% OFF the Premium Plan!

Discount code: Discount already applied on app store!

61. WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

Free tools for Facebook ads, chat plugins, pop-ups and abandoned cart recover. Especially, useful for running time sensitive sale campaigns!

Offer: Free Click to Messenger Ads & Messenger Automation to Boost Holiday ROAS with 3-5x

Discount code: Discount applied when you install app

62. Spently - Email Templates

Are your most-opened emails ready for BFCM?

Shoppers may skip the promotional emails but they will open your Order Confirmation and Shipping Updates multiple times.

Give your Shopify notification emails a holiday makeover with Spently. Turn your holiday traffic into life-long customers!

Offer: Get 30-day free on any paid Spently plan!

Link: Spently

Discount code: Discount applied via link

63. ShipScout

Stop wondering if you should offer free shipping at $50 or $75. A/B test different free shipping thresholds with ShipScout and find the most profitable shipping offer. You can also A/B test different flat rates. Use ShipScout to offer free shipping, boost your conversion rate while making sure it doesn't lower your profitability.

Offer: Extended 14-day free trial! (Double normal trial offer)

Link: ShipScout

Discount code: BFCM

64. Adeagle: Traffic & Advertising

Adeagle lets you acquire traffic from other online stores as well as from niche thematic websites. This way you can acquire customers already in a “shopping” mode looking for products similar to what you offer.

Offer: 50% more ad impressions in November and December

Discount code: Simply upgrade to paid plan

65. Breadnbeyond - Explainer Videos

Breadnbeyond is an award-winning explainer video company specializing in producing animated explainer videos. We create engaging animated explainer videos that help you introduce your brand, product, or service to the world – all from scratch, no template.

Offer: $500-$1500 discount for explainer videos!

Discount code: Simply upgrade to paid plan

66. Ali Reviews

With Ali Reviews, you can easily build social proof by importing reviews from AliExpress and CSV file. Save time with an email campaign to ask shoppers to leave photo reviews on autopilot. Keep them engaged with your brand to earn repetitive purchases. Make your store lively and improve conversion rate with review popup. Gathering social proof helps you boost the credibility of your Shopify store, driving more sales in this holiday season.

Offer: 10% off all monthly plans!

Discount code: RECONVERT10

67. Okendo

Okendo is trusted by 2,000+ Shopify DTC brands to capture and showcase high-impact social proof including customer ratings & reviews, feedback, UGC, and Q&A.

Build credibility and compel buying action at every touchpoint of your multichannel marketing strategy this holiday season.

Add star ratings, reviews, & UGC to Google Product Listing Ads, Google Seller Ratings, Facebook Ads, and emails to strengthen the customer journey.

Reduce the risk of returns and increase your number of sales with high-impact social proof!

Okendo also integrates with other apps like Klaviyo, Smile, Gorgias, Foursixty, LoyaltyLion, and much more.

Offer: Get your first 60 days of Okendo free and go-live in just 3 days

Link: Okendo

Discount code: Automatically applied via link

68. Product Labels & Badges Pro

A product label is worth a thousand words of copy. Attach image labels to products and instantly upgrade your product's appeal!

Offer: FREE Labels for BFCM

Discount code: Find the exclusive images in our product library


Nextsale is an online platform that offers eCommerce solutions. With its innovative technology, it’s easy to increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates while delivering real value to online businesses. Solutions include:

  • Create Social Proof

  • Run Promotions

  • Generate Leads

  • Reducing Abandonments

Merchants can easily convert visitors into customers with Cart Timer and Countdown Bars that create FOMO/Urgency and speed up the checkout process.

While Netxsale has a direct impact on growth in sales, it also helps to improve the shopping experience, create flawless customer journeys, and increase visitor engagement with your shop.

Available on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce platforms, and can be used by custom stores, Nextsale is trusted by more than 4,000+ global eCommerce merchants that already built trust and increased conversions up to 3-14% on average.

Offer: Get 30% off lifetime for any chosen plan

Discount code: Discount automatically applied via link

70. Nifty

Nifty is a workflow management platform used by thousands of online merchants to help manage inventory and resources.

Nifty includes everything you need to operate your business such as task management, Gantt charts, collaboration features, docs, file management, and time tracking.

Offer: 30% OFF any Nifty subscription!

Link: Nifty

Discount code: Use code BF30 on sign-up

71. 1App

1App is a multi-purpose app aiming to lower your app cost and increasing your conversion rates!

Offer: Extended trial for 30 days!

Link: 1App

Discount code: BFCMTRIAL

72. CartHero - SMS Checkout Recovery

CartHero stops cart abandonment in its tracks by sending personalized texts to your should-be customers using live agents to offer discounts and support, ensuring they complete their order.

Offer: 2 weeks free trial and 20% off Pro plan

Link: CartHero

Discount code: Mention this deal in the live chat!

73. Brosix

Brosix is an instant messaging platform for internal business communication. Brosix gives its clients a fully administrable private team network, which provides an exclusive and secure collaboration space.

It comes with a package of unique features and tools aimed at boosting team collaboration and streamlining communication. From a range of chat options to screen-sharing and unlimited size file transfers, Brosix is designed with the modern work environment in mind.

Offer: 50% off Brosix Premium plan (Annual subscription)

Link: Brosix

Discount code: Claim your discount by clicking the link

74. MBC Bundles ‑ Bundle Products

You can sell bundles as products in collections, this improves conversions and generates more traffic. And we will take care of the inventory under the hood.

Offer: 17% discount!

Discount code: Reconvert17

75. Sender - Email Marketing

All-in-one email marketing tool: high email deliverability, forms builder, drag & drop email design-builder, advanced subscribers and campaigns management, drip automation, detailed reporting.

Offer: Get 3 months free when purchasing a yearly plan!

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY

76. uDroppy

uDroppy is the only powerful tool you need to automate all your dropshipping processes and manage them with your personal Merchant Success Manager! That's right, your dedicated consultant who will handle all operations, product suggestions, and work alongside you to scale your business beyond limits. 

Get Access to Premium Features:

  • B2B Marketplace

  • 1-Click-Fulfillment

  • Private Labelling

  • Cash On Delivery

  • Automatic Invoicing

  • Product Sourcing

  • Fulfillment Agreement for Payment Providers

  • Warehousing Solutions

Offer: Get 30% OFF any paid plan! (annual and semestral plans included)

Link: uDroppy

Discount code: At checkout enter the promo code BLACKOFF30%

Want your app or service to be on the list?

If you're an app developer and want to join our BFCM deals page and offer your service to Shopify merchants just fill up this form and we'll do our best to add it as soon as we can.



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purva ratkanthwar
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