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How To Send SMS Birthday Flows With SMSBump

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We've already covered the reason birthday emails are so effective, they make your customers feel special, encourage loyalty and are very effective for customer retention.

But how do you stand out of the competition, with the clutter of emails your customers get in their inbox?

By going the extra mile, and sending birthday SMS messages- these go straight to your customers’ phones and get all the way up to 98% open rate!


Introducing- Birthday SMS Automation With SMSBump & ReConvert

We're happy to announce our new integration with SMSBump, allowing you to send not only a happy birthday SMS message, but a birthday SMS flow- starting before the customer's birthday and giving him more chances to redeem his offer.

How to Enable SMSBump Integration In ReConvert

Before you start sending SMS birthday wishes to your customers, you have to collect their birthday data.

With ReConvert, you can use a birthday collector widget to collect birthdays from the one place on your store where you have your customers’ full attention, and a 100% open rate: your thank you page.

The birthday collector widget is completely customizable- colors, text, and date format. You can use ReConvert’s drag & drop interface to choose where in the thank you page the widget will appear.

Once you’ve enabled the birthday collector widget, you need to go to the ReConvert dashboard >> settings >> third party birthday integrations.

Under this section, choose SMSBump from the drop-down. If the app is not installed in your store, you will have to install it first, before enabling the integration.

How to Create A Birthday Automation In SMSBump

Once you've enabled the SMSBump integration on ReConvert, you can move on to create the birthday SMS automation.

1. On the SMSBump dashboard, go to Automations

2. On the Automations screen, you can create a birthday SMS automation in 2 different ways:

  1. Edit the default birthday events available by SMSBump

  2. Create a new birthday event

3. To edit the default events

a) Scroll down the automation page until you find the 2 Birthday Events and click the Edit button.

b) In the event editing page, you can change the event's name, timing and message text.

c) Once you finish editing the event, click Save, and back in the automations page, activate the event.

4. To create a new birthday event

a) In the automations page, click Create a new automation.

b) In the new automation page, insert the details of the event:

  • Name

  • Event- ReConvert birthday remainder

  • Notify- customer

  • Send on / Send at

  • Text

c) Click Save, and the event will automatically be activated.

How Many Birthday SMS Messages Should You Send?

Customers like their birthday offer to be valid for a while after their birthday itself (up to 60 days after, in fact), but if you are giving an offer without reminding them about it, they are likely to forget it exists.

This is why we would recommend making good use of the birthday flows that SMSBump allows you to send, by creating a flow, sending 4 different messages, in the following timings:

  1. A week before the birthday- get your customers excited about the birthday, and even send them their offer code in advance.

  2. On the day of the birthday- Say happy birthday and give an attractive birthday offer, if you haven't in the first message.

  3. A week after the birthday- remind your customers about the offer, expiring soon.

  4. 2 weeks after the birthday- send one last reminder to your customers about the birthday offer, giving them the last nudge towards redeeming it.



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