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ReConvert Now Supports 4 More Powerful Shopify Apps!

Do you use upsells or offer recurring-payments on your store?

If so, you've probably heard that Shopify recently announced they're providing checkout integration for some of the most popular applications in their store.

This is fantastic news for merchants. It means you can use powerful upsell apps such as Zipify OCU and subscription-based apps like Bold Subscription without sending customers outside of Shopify's ecosystem.

But that's not all. Here at Stilyo, we're delighted to announce that after buckets of requests, ReConvert now supports these apps too!

That means you can now combine your favorite upsell app or subscription-based app with ReConvert to completely dial in your customer's post-purchase experience.

Exciting or what? Let's jump in!

Native Shopify Checkout Upsell Apps Now Supported

The first two apps on list are upselling apps: Zipify OCU and CartHook. These awesome apps allow you to increase your average order value and earn more profit. Check them out below:

1. Zipify OneClick Upsell

Zipify OCU is a mega-powerful app that allows you to offer customers pre-purchase and post-purchase upsells that convert like crazy. It's one of the original upsell apps on the market and has several great features like built-in split testing and an intuitive upsell builder.

How to Use Zipify OCU With ReConvert

So here's the situation: your customer has opted for your one-click upsell offer, and now they're directed back to the standard Shopify checkout page.

As a merchant, that means you might be missing a valuable opportunity to pick up even more conversions. Why? Because the majority of customers return to your thank-you page multiple times.

That means each time customers come back to check order status or delivery details they'll have another opportunity to convert on your post-purchase offer.

It's a huge opportunity to re-engage with your customers at the precise moment when they’re most likely to buy from you again.

Here's a quick example of how you can use Zipify OCU and ReConvert together for maximum post-purchase impact:

See the way the one-click upsell is presented and then right after accepting it, the customer lands on ReConvert's thank you page?

This boosts the effectiveness of your funnel by converting the 'next-step' for your customers into another conversion opportunity.

2. CartHook

Carthook is another fantastic upsell app that helps you increase your average order value and boost your profit margin. The app allows you to set various rules and triggers for your upsells plus has a wealth of detailed analytics that lets you see how your offers are performing.

How to Use CartHook With ReConvert

Just like Zipify OCU, CartHook only allows you to send customers to the bog-standard Shopify thank-you page once they've viewed your upsell offer.

Again, that means you can use ReConvert to enhance your upsell offer's effectiveness by placing it on your thank-you page where customers will see it several times.

But you don’t just have to chase purchases with upsells and cross-sells. You can use leverage a customized thank-you page to reach several conversion goals when using an upsell app.

For example, with ReConvert you can:

  • Trigger specific thank you pages based on customer information or order data: use this to segment your audience, create special thank-you pages for VIP customers, for different languages, or present specific offers based on cart contents.

  • Gather valuable customer information: Collect birthdays, and run post-purchase surveys and feedback forms to sharpen your marketing and discover how to improve your offering.

  • Deliver a better customer experience: Customize your thank you page to fit your brand, add social sharing buttons, custom images, videos, and order tracking widgets.

Native Shopify Subscription Apps Now Supported

It's not just upselling apps that are now available to use within Shopify's ecosystem. Three great subscription apps are also now integrated. First on the list is BOLD subscriptions:

1. Bold Subscriptions

BOLD subscriptions lets you create subscription offers that can be as simple or complex as you like. It's perfect if you're selling products that need to be ordered frequently like toothbrushes, socks, or supplements. Plus, the app lets you create offers for your subscription allows customers to choose delivery intervals, and has powerful reporting features to boot.

How to Use BOLD Subscriptions With ReConvert

One of ReConvert's features is that you can set up a customized thank-you page using triggers for customers based on what they've ordered.

This means you can display one thank-you page to subscribers and another to customers who've just placed a one-off order.

For subscribers, your thank you page could be a ripe opportunity to collect additional customer information - think feedback, surveys, and birthdays.

For customers who placed a single order, you could design a thank-you page to persuade them to upgrade to a recurring purchase or at the very least, to re-order the same product with a single click.

Using triggers for your customers and designing customized pages ensures you'll deliver an optimized customer experience while also boosting your average order value at the same time.

4. PayWhirl

PayWhirl is another recurring payments and subscription app. One of its cool features is that you can offer customers payment plans, layaway options, and pre-orders. Plus, it's easy to customize the app's elements to match your store's theme.

How to Use PayWhirl With ReConvert

Using PayWhirl with ReConvert will give you the same benefits as with BOLD subscriptions. Namely, your customized thank you page will keep customers more engaged post-purchase

For example, you can add testimonials to eliminate buyer's remorse and prevent customers from canceling their subscriptions prematurely.

Another idea would be to add a special thank you video for new subscribers. It's an easy tactic that'll support the budding relationship between recent shoppers and your brand.

Lastly, with subscriptions, you'll find that customers often have a bunch of questions. ReConvert allows you to add an FAQ section and support details, so the info your customers need is right at their fingertips.

In Summary

Every ecommerce entrepreneur wants to attract new customers. After all, more customers mean more revenue. But here’s the thing: the biggest profits often come from reconverting customers who’ve recently purchased from you.

For most store owners that means upsells, subscriptions, and email marketing. And while such methods are effective, customizing your thank you page is an often overlooked way to win repeat purchases.

The fact that you now use these awesome apps native in Shopify's checkout is fantastic. The fact you can use them with ReConvert to power-up your post-purchase funnel is even better!

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