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How to Use Shipping Zones In Shipping Tags

We are very excited to announce that Shipping Tags now supports your Shopify store's shipping zones integration!

Shipping Tags allows you to use product tags to create shipping methods- you can use it to simplify the process of defining complex shipping rules, and prevent blind-spots that might lose you money.

But one of the requests we've received many times was to enable a shipping zones-aware shipping method, that would only show up for customers in certain geographical zones.

This Is How You Do It:


1. In the Shipping Tags dashboard, either create a new shipping method, or edit an existing one.

2. After setting up the shipping method's rules, scroll down to Shipping Zones:

3. In the drop down list, choose whatever this shipping method applies to all shipping zones, or to specific ones

4. If you chose to only apply the shipping method to specific zones, you can now choose which zones to include and which to exclude, by moving them to the include and exclude boxes.

To create a new shipping zone, go to your store's shipping settings- we will automatically show you all shipping zones that exist in your store.



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