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Ecommerce Thank You Page Optimization Trends for 2019

Here at the StilyoApps blog, we often talk about how you can extract as much value as possible from your thank you page. We’ve written about the different ways you can optimize your thank you page, and the best practices involved with doing it.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what some of the most successful eCommerce businesses are doing with their thank you pages.

Asking for referrals

Thank you pages are frequently used to help improve brand awareness by offering customers a chance to refer their friends in exchange for a discount or a free product. Apart from building awareness, asking customers to refer their friends can also help you generate new customers and sales at no cost.

Thank you page referral program


The fact that 84% of shoppers state that they trust recommendations from friends and family (Nielsen) when it comes to purchasing online products, it’s no wonder that a large number of eCommerce businesses ask for referrals on the thank you page.

Upselling and cross-selling

Another tactic that is often used by eCommerce businesses to improve customer lifetime value and generate more sales is upselling and cross-selling on the thank you page. The fact that you have around a 70% chance to sell to an existing customer (Groove), it’s obvious why this is a popular tactic among eCommerce businesses.

If you think about it, offering an upsell or cross-sell on the thank you page makes perfect sense. Visitors who land on your thank you page have already made a purchase, so they’re clearly in a buying mood. They’ve also shown an interest in your products. This makes the thank you page the perfect place to show them other related items that they might want to purchase.

With the customers’ billing and shipping information saved from their previous purchase, making another order is extremely easy for them.

Thank you page upsell and cross-sell


Apart from helping your business generate more sales, upselling and cross-selling will also help your customers discover products that will help them solve their pain points - making this tactic a win-win for both sides.

Remember not to offer too many upsell and cross-sell options as to not overwhelm your customers. Consider displaying a maximum of four or five alternatives to the product from the original order.

Additionally, make sure to keep your upsell and cross-sell offers reasonable by offering products that are slightly more expensive than or similarly priced as the products in the customer’s cart.

Showcasing related content

A frequent trend that can be seen with thank you page optimization is using this particular page to guide customers toward the brand’s educational content. This content can involve guides on how to use particular products, blog posts showcasing related products, educational videos, etc.

Showing related content on the thank you page


Pointing your customers to educational resources helps to build a deeper relationship with them. It also allows you to keep nurturing your customers and enables you to improve brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Offering newsletter subscription

Smart eCommerce businesses understand the value of having a way to communicate with their customers on a regular basis. That’s why they give customers the option of signing up for their newsletter on the thank you page.

Getting customers on your email list will allow you to keep nurturing them, as well as enable you to sell to them in the future. It will also give you the opportunity to keep your brand top of mind.

Newsletter signup form on the thank you page


With email marketing generating $44 for ever $1 spent (Campaign Monitor), using your thank you page to invite customers to join your newsletter is a no-brainer.

Consider offering an incentive such as a discount to make it more likely that customers will sign up to your newsletter.

Using social proof

Have you ever felt regret right after making an online purchase? This is known as buyer’s remorse (Wikipedia). It’s a frequent occurrence, and most of your customers have experienced it at least once.

You can help prevent buyer’s remorse by showing different types of social proof on your thank you page, such as reviews and testimonials. Once customers see that others are satisfied with the products they bought, they’ll feel more confident about their purchase, as well as less likely to request a refund.

Social proof on the thank you page


If you’re looking for a way to add reviews to your thank you page, look no further than ReConvert. Our app integrates with a number of popular review apps, including Loox,, and Stamped, allowing you to easily showcase all your positive reviews on your thank you page.

Performing A/B tests

The most successful eCommerce businesses know that A/B testing is crucial for squeezing out as much profit as possible from all of their website pages. The same is true for the thank you page.

While there are a number of best practices you can use to optimize your thank you page, you’ll need to perform A/B testing to find out how to generate the most value out of your thank you page.

Here are some elements of your thank you page that you might want to split test:

  • Headline - What does the headline on your thank you page say? Does it express gratitude? Is it sincere enough?

  • Page copy - Does your page copy show your brand in the best possible way? Is the tone consistent with the rest of your website?

  • Call-to-action (CTA) - You probably have an idea of what you want your customers to do once they land on your thank you page. You’re also probably using a CTA to guide them to do it. Test out different combinations of call-to-action buttons and copy until you find the one that converts the most customers.

  • Survey - If you’re using a survey on your thank you page to collect feedback and information on your customers, you should test out different survey questions to increase the number of people who fill out the entire survey before giving up

  • Discount - You’re smart, so you’re using a discount on your thank you page. Great. If you want to generate even better results, you should A/B test different discounts (e.g., percentage-based or value-based, limited time or unlimited).

Use ReConvert to optimize your thank you page with ease

You’ve learned about the most popular trends in eCommerce thank you page optimization. Did you know that there’s an app that can help you optimize your thank you page quickly and easily?

ReConvert allows you to extract as much value as possible from your thank you page by helping you improve customer retention and conversion rate, as well as generate more sales.

You can use ReConvert to add discounts, product recommendations, reviews, and social sharing buttons to your thank you page. You can also use it to survey your customers, collect personal information (such as birthdays), as well as display tracking information on your thank you page.



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