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7 Best Practices for Thank You Page Optimization

Ecommerce businesses often neglect their thank you page, thinking that there’s not a lot of ways to use it to extract more value from their customers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The thank you page provides you with a variety of possibilities to further engage and delight your customers, as well as entice them into making another purchase.

Thank you page optimization is the low-hanging fruit of ecommerce optimization. It’s a quick and easy way you to improve the lifetime value of your customers and grow your online store’s revenue.

Now that you understand the importance of optimizing your thank you page, let’s look at the seven best practices for thank you page optimization.

Thank you page optimization is the low-hanging fruit of ecommerce optimization.

1) Display navigational links

Common advice for checkout conversion optimization is to remove navigation from the checkout page to prevent shoppers from drifting away to other pages on the website.

When it comes to your thank you page, however, navigational links are actually useful. They provide customers with easy access to other parts of your website and allow them to browse other products after they’ve made a purchase.

Make sure to display navigational links on your thank you page to increase the chances of customers making a second purchase during the same visit. You can link to your category pages, your best-selling products, or your sales section to encourage customers to stay on your website and keep shopping.

Pro tip: You can easily add a clickable header and navigation menu to your thank you page by using ReConvert.

Navigational links on thank you page

2) Provide a discount

Apart from providing easy access to other parts of your website, you can also encourage customers to keep shopping by providing them with a discount.

No one likes to miss out on a great deal. You can take advantage of this fact by putting an expiry date on your discount to encourage customers to go ahead and use the discount as soon as possible. This will create a sense of urgency and increase the chances of shoppers making another purchase straight away.

Pro tip: ReConvert allows you to display a discount pop-up with a countdown timer on your thank you page to entice customers to hurry up and take advantage of the special offer by making another order.

Discount on thank you page

3) Show related products

Shoppers who complete their purchase and arrive at your thank you page have already shown that they’re interested in what you have to offer. Why not use the thank you page to show them other related products that might interest them?

You’ll be helping customers discover new products that they might like while also increasing the chances of extracting more value from each purchase.

Experiment with displaying related and best-selling products on your thank you page and see if this can help you generate more revenue from your customers.

Pro tip: Take advantage of the information you already have about your customers - the latest products they purchased from you, and use ReConvert to set up smart, personalized product upsell and recommendations.

Upsell on the thank you page

4) Include a post-purchase survey

Your thank you page can be used to improve your website and the overall experience you provide to your customers. You can do this by displaying a short survey on the thank you page and letting customers describe the experience they’ve had while shopping in your online store.

This is a great way to find out about any issues that customers might be facing while browsing your website or checking out, discover what products they would love to see added to your inventory, and learn what you could do to make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible for your customers.

Remember not to overwhelm customers with too many questions. Keep your survey relatively short and easy to complete.

Pro tip: You can add a post-purchase survey to your thank you page with ReConvert to find out how you can improve your online store and make your customers happier.

Customer survey on the thank you page

5) Encourage social sharing

With the big social networks making constant changes to their algorithms, it’s getting harder and harder for brands to grow their social following. This is where your thank you page can help.

Customers who complete a purchase in your online store are interested in your offering and would most likely be interested in following you on social media to keep up with the latest updates from your brand. Take advantage of this by using the thank you page to link to your social media pages and ask customers to follow you.

You can also encourage customers to share their purchase on social media by offering them a discount or special offer in exchange for a social share.

Pro tip: ReConvert provides you with an easy way to add social sharing buttons to your thank you page and generate more awareness for your brand on social media.

Social sharing on thank you page

6) Gather valuable information about your customers

The thank you page is an excellent place to learn more about your customers. Their gender, age, birthday, and shopping preferences are all important pieces of information that you can use to guide your future marketing campaigns and personalize communication with your customers to improve both sales and retention rate.

Gathering this information will allow you to segment your customer base and send out hyper-personalized email offers as well as implement highly-effective onsite retargeting to improve your average order value and the lifetime value of your customers.

Pro tip: You can use ReConvert to collect information about your customers’ birthday, which will provide you with the opportunity to re-engage these customers with an offer on their special day.

Gather information on thank you page

7) Showcase reviews and testimonials

There’s a phenomenon called buyer’s remorse, which is the feeling of regret shoppers sometimes feel after making a purchase. There are plenty of different reasons why shoppers might start to doubt their purchase, and some of them will be out of your control.

What you can do, however, is make customers feel a bit better about their purchase by showing them all the positive reviews and testimonials you’ve gathered from your satisfied customers. Seeing that a lot of other people were happy with their purchase will make customers feel more confident about their own decision to buy.

This will also help to reduce the number of refund requests and customer support tickets you get from customers who’ve had a change of heart and want to cancel their order.

Pro tip: You can integrate reviews from popular Shopify product reviews apps such as, Loox, Stamped, and Rivyo to your thank you page product recommendations by using ReConvert.

Product reviews on thank you page

Use ReConvert to optimize your thank you page and generate more sales

ReConvert is a thank you page builder that allows you to customize your thank you page to improve customer engagement and retention rate, as well as boost your conversion rate and sales.

With ReConvert, you can add a variety of different features to your thank you page, including discounts, social sharing buttons, post-purchase surveys, product recommendations, reviews, and more.

ReConvert is free for stores that generate up to 50 orders per month, with affordable plans available for more established ecommerce businesses.

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